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 What Is A Car Insurance Declaration Page And What Drivers Need To Know About It

What Is A Car Insurance Declaration Page And What Drivers Need To Know About It

An insurance declaration page is the first page of an insurance policy document and includes key information about the insurance policy. On the declaration page, policyholders can find the basic information that will help them file a claim, such as the coverage limits and deductible. The insurance declaration page includes a wealth of information. However, declaration pages are very user-friendly, so it s easy to find the information that is needed.

The insurance declaration page, also called the DEC page, might actually be several pages long. However, policyholders will always find it in front of their insurance documents. Usually, policyholders can find in a DEC page information such as:

Policy start and end date. In this section, drivers can find out when their policy starts and when it ends.

  • information for the policyholder. The name and address of the policyholder will be listed here.
  • Named insureds on the policy. Drivers who have named insureds on the policy, like a relative or parent who lives with them, will have their names included here.
  • Other named insureds. Policyholders who have a mortgage on their homes or a car loan, those lenders will be listed on the DEC page as another named insured.
  • Insurance provider information. The name of the car insurance company, its address and contact details will be found in this section. Drivers who are working with an agent will find their direct information here.
  • How to report a claim. In this section, drivers can find some basic information on filing a claim. It contains information about who drivers need to contact, what information they need to provide, and the timeframe for filing a claim after a loss occurs.
  • Property details. In this section, the insured car information will be listed. Information like the make, model, and year of the car.
  • The type of policy. For car insurance, this section will show if the policyholder has personal auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, etc.
  • Coverage limits. Policyholders can find the coverage limits of their car insurance policies. Drivers are advised to review this information before filing claims.
  • Endorsements. Policyholders who added endorsements to their policies can find them listed here with the coverage limits and deductible, if applicable.
  • Discounts. Drivers who are claiming discounts, like clean driving record discounts, can find them listed here with the savings amount.
  • When buying a policy, the policyholder will receive a number of documents, which will include a declaration page. They can get hard copies of the documents or they can receive them electronically. Once the policyholder receives a declaration page, he should review it for accuracy. If there s a mistake on the DEC page, drivers should contact their providers and update the information as soon as possible.

    The insurance declaration page is important because it contains relevant information about the insurance policy. The DEC page can help drivers who are confused about what their policy covers and doesn t cover. Also, it can help drivers who are not sure about who to contact when filing a claim.

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